Contamination Expo Theatre Hall 11

Below is The Contamination Series 2017 schedule – Line-up for 2018 will be released soon...

Theatre Hall 11

Wednesday 27th September

Thursday 28th September


11.15 - 11.45

Phoebe Osborne

Ashtons Legal & Anglia Asbestos Disease Support Group

This seminar will focus on what employers can do to protect employees in the workplace and what we can do to protect ourselves from exposure to asbestos in our homes and workplaces. I will provide practical tips and guidance upon controlling the risks of harm to health. The seminar will briefly touch upon the work I do as an asbestos disease solicitor and my involvement with Anglia Asbestos Disease Support Group.


12.00 - 12.30

Paul Beaumont

Asbestos - 2017

Discussion of current position of asbestos in 2017 including the status and industry position of asbestos surveys, removal and training. Case studies and observations of actual information received from Duty Holders, clients and the industry workers


12.45 - 13.15

Chris Barrett

Estimating remediation costs using the Homes and Communities Agency guidance

Provide a brief overview on the remediation aspects of the HCA Guidance on Dereliction, Demolition and Remediation Costs (2015), including purpose, methodology and use of the guide and exclusions. The presentation will include project examples where the guidance has been used to influence a masterplan design and as a means of prioritising sites with respect to potential contamination liabilities.


13.30 - 14.00

Dr Alexander Lee

Assessing vapour risk to human health from volatile contaminants in groundwater

SoBRA will provide an overview of its latest progress and summer workshops on vapour risk assessment. This will include a discussion upon the assessment of long-term (chronic) risk to human health from the inhalation of vapours arising from groundwater compatible with UK approaches .


14.15 - 14.45

Guy Boyd

The new PPE paradigm to transform Safety culture and performance

PPE is often relegated to commodity status. The poor relation in Safety, delegated to non-specialist procurement staff looking for the cheapest deal. Then Safety professionals wonder why people still get hurt - and worse. This session introduces a new paradigm in PPE provision, to ensure you can always provide your teams with the best safety equipment, in the right place at the right time, whilst providing maximum value and ROI.


15.00 - 15.30

Tristan Olivier

Assume paint contains lead” (HSE). A strategic CDM project risk.

HSE advises to assume paint contains lead, unless there is good evidence to prove otherwise. Its disturbance releases dust and fume most likely to be defined as a ‘significant’ exposure risk from both inhalation and ingestion. This triggers compliance requirements for: blood lead levels monitoring, training, personal air monitoring and PPE/RPE provision. Poor lead hazards awareness combined with shoddy understanding and application of CDM 2015 continue to perpetuate avoidable liabilities.